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# Title Description Contributor
1 The Duchess of Malfi: John Webster

In dramatizing a woman's sexual choices in a notably sympathetic manner, this tragedy...

Emma Smith
2 The Roaring Girl: Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker

Based on a contemporary scandal of a woman who dressed in male clothing, this play of topsy-...

Emma Smith
3 The Revenger's Tragedy: Thomas Middleton

A blackly camp tragedy - Hamlet without the narcissism - set in a court corrupted by lust and...

Emma Smith
4 The Shoemaker's Holiday: Thomas Dekker

Like a Busby Berkeley depression-era musical, Dekker's comedy is a feel-good antidote to a...

Emma Smith
5 Arden of Faversham: Anon

A true crime story of the murder of Thomas Arden by his wife and her lover, this play is...

Emma Smith
6 The Spanish Tragedy: Thomas Kyd

Popular tragedy in which Hieronimo pursues aristocratic murderers of his son Horatio and takes...

Emma Smith
# Title Description Author
1 Arden of Faversham: Anon (eBook)

Arden of Feversham / Unknown. This is the epub edition of the play.