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Jasmine Jagger

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Academic Position:
Stipendiary College Lecturer
Research Interests:
19th and 20th centuries

Jasmine Jagger is formerly Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Faculty of English and currently College Lecturer in English Literature at Jesus College, Oxford. Her research explores affective bodies of verse from the long-19th century to the present day. Her essays and articles have been published in Romanticism, Literary Imagination, The Cambridge Quarterly, Cambridge Humanities Review, Apollo, Victorian Poetry, and The Carrollian. She is currently turning her doctoral thesis (Cambridge) into a book on Affective Rhythms in Poetry from the long nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

Image licence:
Public Domain

Recent Publications

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# Title Description Contributor
1 Edward Lear and Fantasy

Jasmine Jagger provides a short introduction to Edward Lear, a literary nonsense author whose...

Jasmine Jagger
2 Edward Lear's Feelings: Weeping

'He weeps by the side of the ocean, He weeps on the top of the hill', the poet wrote of himself...

Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
3 Edward Lear's Feelings: Laughter

Lear once spoke of 'this ludicrously whirligig life which one suffers from first and laughs at...

Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
4 Edward Lear's Feelings: Disgust

This programme explores appetite, desire, and disgust in Lear. It studies a range of limericks...

Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
5 Edward Lear's Feelings: Wonder

This programme examines different meanings of 'wonder' in Lear - as both a positive and a...

Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
6 Edward Lear's Feelings: Introduction

This programme introduces Lear and outlines the structure of the programmes. Each episode will...

Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger