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# Title Description Contributor
1 Kipling, the Elton John of his age?

Professor Elleke Boehmer discusses why Kipling's writing, and his poetry of the late...

Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies
2 Walcott and Naipaul: History and Myth

Catherine Brown, Lecturer in English Literature, compares West Indian writers Derek Walcott and...

Catherine Brown
# Essay Title Description Contributor
1 Derek Walcott
Dominic Davies
# Title Description Author
1 A Kipling Anthology of Prose

Publisher info: Macmillan & Co Ltd: London, 1922

Ruyard Kipling
2 A Kipling Anthology of Verse

Publisher info: Paris: Nelson, 1925

Ruyard Kipling
3 Youth: a Narrative and Two Other Stories

The medalllion Edition of the works of Joseph Conrad, Vol 6: Youth.


Joseph Conrad
# Resource Title Description Contributor
1 Illustrated Book Cover for 'The Jungle Book'

The book poster for "The Jungle Book," by writer Rudyard Kipling, published by The Century...

2 Photograph of Rudyard Kipling
3 Photograph of Joseph Conrad in 1916
4 Black and White Portrait Photograph of Joseph Conrad